While we currently do not charge for memberships, you will be responsible to uphold your status as a responsible breeder with the highest rating score from your customers.

How it works

Simply follow the "Apply" button below. After applying, we will review your information and notify you if approved. If so, you will then able to see your company listing in our Breeder Search. At this time, you can begin to add your future and current litters.

What you get

Upon approval, you will be allowed to have 2 active litters at any given time. Individual puppies are added to the litters after they are created.

Additional features:

  • Customized application questions for your customers
  • Add your applicants to a general, litter specific or puppy specific waitlist
  • Include your dams and sires in the Stud Service with a simple checkbox
  • Record weight and vet visits to share with your matched applicants
  • Much more..

Keep in mind, applying doesn't assure acceptance.